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Your journey into digital technology could start at school or kura.

Problem solving and communication basics learned in subjects such as maths, science, and English are helpful skills to have.  But you can do catch-up courses on these later in life to cover the pre-requisites needed for some degrees and diplomas (if that’s the path you want to take).


You can also take specialised subjects.  

Digital Technologies (in English medium) and Hangarau Matihiko (in Māori medium), will give you a good introduction to the skills needed for careers in digital technology.  This includes an introduction to computer science, programming, using data and algorithms (instructions for computers) to solve problems, and your role and responsibilities as a digital citizen.  You could also look into subjects like Electronics, Product Design and Materials Technology, and Digital Visual Communications.

It is possible to get a job in tech immediately after leaving school and then learn on the job.  However, most people tend to do more training first.

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