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User Experience Designer

Also known as: Interface Designer, Web Designer or Front-end Developer (erroneously)

About the Role

User Experience (UX) Designers take a wholly user-centered approach to designing how people and systems interact, maximising the usability, accessibility, and general experience of users.

A UX professional goes well beyond just interface or web design; often incorporating psychology and game theory when designing how interaction with digital products or services should occur.

Education Options

  • NZ Diploma in in Information Systems (Level 6, UX strand) (More info at NZQA)

  • NZ Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5)
 (More info at NZQA)

  • NZ Diploma in User Interface Design (Level 5), IN DEVELOPMENT

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems (or equiv Info Science, Info Mngmt)

  • Bachelor of Design or equivalent

Relevant Professional Certification

Recognised Industry Certifications


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