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IT Architect

Also known as: Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Systems Architect, Application/Software Architect, Security Architect, Data Architect, Information Architect or Knowledge Architect

About the Role

IT Architects analyse, design and plan technology and business 
processes and standards, in an effort to maintain scalability, reliability,
availability and manageability of an organisation and its information 

There are various types of architects:

Enterprise Architects
 take a very high-level view across an organisation;
Solution Architects
 design specific solutions in a detailed manner;
Application Architects
 are concerned with the architectural design of an application;
and various others are focused on areas such as security or data architecture.

Education Options

  • Generally a Bachelor or above qualification plus strong and generally lengthy experience in one or more of Systems Administration, Software Development, Networking and/or Security (preferably all)

Relevant Professional Certification

Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) (More info at IT Professionals NZ)

Recognised Industry Certifications

  • Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) and Master Architect (Open MA)

  • TOGAF 9 Certification

  • Certified IT Architect (CITA)

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