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Pathways into Digital Tech

So, you are interested in working in digital technology, how do you get there?  What are the ways?

There are lots of different paths you can take.  You might start studying the basics while at school or Kura, do a marae or community programme, pick it up at university or polytech, do an internship with a digital technology company, or enrol in a bootcamp.  You might get a taste for tech as part of an online short course or entry-level programme with a wananga.  There are many paths, so you can choose what works best for you.

Digital technology might be part of your career plan early on.  You can also make the move into the sector part way through your career.  Many people who have worked in other areas often have transferrable skills that tech firms need – such as problem solving and awesome communication – and just need some training and on-the-job, support to get started.

Hover over each stop to see a brief explanation, if you'd like to learn more about it - just click on the 'learn more' button!

Revised Skills Subway_Skills Subway.png
Revised Skills Subway_Accelerator.png


There are a number of training options for people who want to learn a new set of skills quickly to get into the digital technology sector.

This sort of accelerated training tends to be a good fit for people with work experience who want to move into a new industry or switch careers, but some also cater for school leavers. 

Revised Skills Subway_Upskilling on the Job.png

on the job

Once you’ve landed a job it’s important to keep refreshing your skills as digital technology is constantly changing.

There are a wide variety of options for upskilling. Many of them relate to the other areas on this map.

Revised Skills Subway_Certification.png


When you have some experience you have the option of becoming professionally certified.

Certification assesses competency and prior learning and puts you on a path to ongoing upskilling and professional development.

Revised Skills Subway_Move Industry.png

Move Industry

Some people get into tech by transitioning from a non-tech to a tech role in a digital technology firm.

This sort of reskilling is good news for employers finding it difficult to recruit the IT expertise they need. 

It's also possible to make a mid-career move into a digital technology job from another industry, especially if you have transferrable skills (such as problem-solving and communication). 

Revised Skills Subway_Short Courses.png

Short Courses

There are lots of short courses out there, many of them online. 

If you’ve not worked in digital technology before the beginner courses provide a useful introduction to various areas.  The advanced courses can be enough to get you work-ready if you are disciplined, motivated and work well independently.  

Revised Skills Subway_Uni - Polytech.png

University / Polytech

You can go to a university, polytech or private training establishment and get a qualification that gives you the skills for jobs in tech.


This sort of training is more suited to those who can afford to be out of full-time employment.  Working and studying part-time is possible but will extend the time needed to become qualified.

Revised Skills Subway_School.png


Your journey into digital technology could start at school or kura.

Problem solving and communication basics learned in subjects such as maths, science, and English are helpful skills to have. You can also take specialised subjects.  Digital Technologies (in English medium) and Hangarau Matihiko (in Māori medium), will give you a good introduction to the skills needed for careers in digital technology.

Revised Skills Subway_School Programmes.png


While at school there are ways to get hands-on learning in digital technology. 

This might be through an in-class, after-school or community-run programme. There are also programmes that count towards a qualification, provide work experience, or the possibility of a job.  Some of these programmes are only available through specific schools or in particular regions. 

Revised Skills Subway_Tech Job.png

Tech Job

Once you’ve landed a job it’s important to keep refreshing your skills as digital technology is constantly changing.

There are a wide variety of options for upskilling. Many of them relate to the other areas on this map.

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