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Some people get into tech by transitioning from a non-tech to tech role in a digital technology firm.

For example, a career development conversation might surface interest and aptitude for an accountant or lawyer to move into software development.  This could be made possible with employer support for reskilling, with external and on-the-job training.  This sort of reskilling is good news for employers finding it difficult to recruit the IT expertise they need.


It's also possible to make a mid-career move into a digital technology job from another industry, especially if you have transferrable skills (such as problem-solving and communication).  To do this reskilling is required.  Your options are tertiary training or accelerator programmesShort courses are a good option to give you a taster, and some of the more advanced online courses may be enough if you are motivated and work well independently. 

The people most likely to make a successful mid-career move into digital technology are the ones who want to do it and are driven to work hard.

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