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There are a number of training options for people who want to learn a new set of skills quickly to get into the digital technology sector.

Most of these are in the software area, with some also covering user experience design and gaming. 


This sort of accelerated training tends to be a good fit for people with work experience who want to move into a new industry or switch careers, but some are also cater for school leavers.  


Like degrees and diplomas, this option is suited to those who can afford to be out of paid employment for the duration of the course, as working full time is not possible. 


Here are some examples of these training programmes:

  • Dev Academy (become a software programmer in 16 weeks).  An intensive training programme with high teacher to student ratios, in person and online study options, dedicated support while job hunting and catering to all demographics and learning styles

  • Mission Ready (12-19 week accelerator programmes to become a developer or UX designer).  Mission Ready also collaborate with community organisations such as Haututu (in South Auckland) to run intensive training for Māori and Pacific with employment at the end

  • Industry Connect (6 week intro courses with 3 month internships for software developers, business intelligence/data analysis, and software testing)

  • Toro Studios (piloting a 16 week 3D animation and production course)

  • Rea Coach (a new organisation offering employment after 6 months learning technical foundations and soft, cultural and project skills)

  • AUT Bootcamps (12 week programmes for data science and AI, cyber security and software engineering, with a 24 week part time option)

  • NGEN Tech (20 Week programme age 16-24 Animation, Coding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Hardware, Graphic Design, Game Development, Kia Tū(soft skills) and Kia Maori.

  • Nohi Digital Hub Digital Warrior Cadetship 6-week programme learning web development, social media marketing, and how to engage with people virtually/online.

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